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Exploring the Frontiers of Technology and Humanity – AGH University Summer School is organized by the AGH Doctoral School.

The AGH Doctoral School offers education in all 17 disciplines in which the AGH University of Krakow is entitled to award doctorates.

Studies at the AGH Doctoral School provide a creative and inter-disciplinary approach to scientific research as well as flexible programmes, allowing every candidate to select courses best suited to their needs and preferences.

The School runs full-time doctoral programmes lasting between six and eight semesters, which support students in writing their doctoral theses. The process is founded on two components:

  • individual programme of study
  • individual research plan.

We see education at the AGH Doctoral School as an extremely important element on the path to the development of research staff. We offer doctoral programmes in Polish and English.

Learn more about AGH Doctoral School (pdf)